SriLankan sends 400 contract staff on 3 months no-pay leave

<header class=”inner-content”>As a further cost cutting measure, largely grounded SriLankan Airlines has sent 400 contract staff on three months no-pay leave till July.

Among the contract staff include 21 from flight operations and 288 airport and ground services staff and 43 from cabin services and engineering. The Group employs over nearly 8,000.

In April it announced mandatory salary reductions from the staff starting from 2.5% to 25% for a period of three months, freezing all the salary increments to be implemented in the year 2020.

Since 8 April, SriLankan has temporarily suspended passenger flights in response to travel restrictions imposed by Sri Lanka and countries in its global network due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, cargo flights have been operating uninterrupted, facilitating essential supplies of medical resources, equipment as well as perishable cargo in support of governments and industries during this tumultuous period – bringing in vital revenue for the airline and foreign exchange into the country.

It has also been operating ferry flights to bring stranded Sri Lankans including students in several parts of the world.

The national carrier in April also said it has taken measures to preserve the liquidity by negotiating deferred payment plans and deductions with airline’s key suppliers. Whilst doing so, the Airline is continuously looking at creating new business opportunities whilst focusing on cost saving measures to improve liquidity.

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