Maldives commences first-of-its-kind loyalty program

On Friday, Maldives debuted the long-awaited Border Miles program, a first-of-its-kind traveler loyalty program launched by a country.

An initiative of Maldives Immigration, Maldives Border Miles awards loyalty points to the traveler with each border crossing; duration of stay, visits to celebrate special occasions, visit on local occasions of Maldives, frequency of visits, etc.

The first Border Miles membership card was granted to the first tourist of 2021–Jochen Paul Karch, a German national who arrived on Qatar Airways on Friday with his family.

There are three tiers to Border Miles:

  • Bronze: Aida
  • Silver: Antara
  • Gold: Abaarana

Aida can be attained with 500 points, Antara with 2,000 points and Abaarana with 4,000 points.

Mr Karch, the first tourist of the year, was awarded an Aida (bronze) tier card. With this card, Mr Karch will be entitled to countless rewards and points.

Despite COVID-19 setbacks, 2020 ended with over 555,200 tourists in the Maldives, reaching industry targets. Maldives also was crowned World’s Best Destinartion of 2020 by World Travel Awards.

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