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Located in the northern part of Sri Lanka, the cuisine in Jaffna is like no other in Sri Lanka. A destination that was once plagued by war; however, since the end of the Sri Lankan war in 2009, Jaffna has begun to feel the healing powers of peace and tranquility.

With a large influence from the Tamil’s and surrounded by water, the variety of delectable vegetarian and seafood dishes that can be found in Jaffna are one of a kind.

While Jaffna is still to this day overlooked by tourist, I found Jaffna to be one of the most welcoming regions in all of Sri Lanka. To be around people who are truly grateful to be able to live life in peace. They show you the warmth of their hearts as they proudly display their homeland and delicious foods.

Malayan Cafe

To this day, a family run business that’s serving traditional vegetarian food. As you walk inside it’s easy to imagine what Malayan Cafe looked like when it first opened its doors in 1951. With decor, wall mounts, and dining tables remaining the same, the only thing having changed here, is the staff.

Serving up an assortment of dishes such as: dosa, roti, idli, string hoppers, and more. Yet, locals have been flocking to this lunch hot spot for the best seller, the vadai.

An employee of 13 years making vadai

Powered by a ginormous wood stove, this raging pot of hot coconut oil continuously fries up fresh ulundu vadai, making sure they hit your table still bubbling with hot grease.

Accompanied with a wet verison of pol sambal, these vadai could be defined as nothing else besides perfection.

Light, airy, and soft on the inside, yet crunchy, slightly greasy on the outside. A contrast that will make you believe that opposites can attract.

A rich, creaminess from the black gram with an umami punch combined with a touch of red chili, coconut, and other spices from the sambal. I’ve never felt more sure I could covert to being a vegetarian, than when I ate these vadai.

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