The travel industry at large has to confront the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, developing innovative ways to come back online during a time when social distancing is paramount. Hotels have had to reassess practices – even signature hospitality amenities like breakfast buffets – and guarantee new levels on cleanlinessContinue Reading

Today, nearly every hotel around the globe faces the same question: how do we start again? As governments announce plans for lifting lockdown and steps toward resuming daily life start to take shape, hotels face the shared challenge of designing and executing rebound strategies in a moment when the detailsContinue Reading

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which has slowed down travel worldwide, advisors are still the heartbeat of the industry and even with so much going on, today is the day to take some time to celebrate you. To celebrate, the team at Travel Market Report went out to readers to askContinue Reading

<div class=”post-header”> The COVID-19 has taken everybody in the tourism industry by surprise because it has already killed so many people, caused the world to pause and destructed everything we do globally. It is impossible to predict how long it will last, what conditions will be required for lifting restrictions,Continue Reading

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill, and tourism has been the worst affected of all major economic sectors. Against a backdrop of heightened uncertainty, up-to-date and reliable information is more important than ever, both for tourists and for the tourism sector. By cooperating closely with theContinue Reading

<div class=”fl-row fl-row-full-width fl-row-bg-color fl-node-5e7300812d366″ data-node=”5e7300812d366″> COVID-19 Immediate Response Action Plan for Tourism Businesses Our hearts are breaking for our Industry at the moment. On top of Australia’s bushfires at the start of the year COVID-19 is bringing the tourism industry to its knees, not just here in Australia, butContinue Reading

<blockquote>Cameron Boal, VP Operations, TravelNest says “The travel industry is paused right now and there is a big question mark around when we’ll all be able to travel again. This said, we’re confident that when travel is permitted, the travel industry will be able to begin its recovery period. IsolationContinue Reading

<blockquote>We are facing an unprecedented challenge to our health, our finances and our businesses. Many are calling the coronavirus outbreak the worst crisis in living memory and for businesses in travel, few would disagree. This is not something we can control. The global situation, the government advice to stay atContinue Reading

Located in the northern part of Sri Lanka, the cuisine in Jaffna is like no other in Sri Lanka. A destination that was once plagued by war; however, since the end of the Sri Lankan war in 2009, Jaffna has begun to feel the healing powers of peace and tranquility.Continue Reading