The total number of international tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka during March 2021 was 4,581. In comparison to March last year (2020), there was a decline of 93.6% when the arrivals were 71,370. As at 31stMarch 2021, 9,629 of tourists has visited Sri Lanka for this year. It is aContinue Reading

Welcome back to the paradise island of Sri Lanka. As we open our doors to the world once again ; we’ve pulled out all the stops, ensuring that every precautionary measure has been set in place to make your island getaway as safe, secure and serene as possible. In yourContinue Reading

The coronavirus has destroyed the world’s economies and disrupted life in ways that only an year ago were unthinkable. Never will the universe be the same. But businesses have now begun to come back on track at some point and people have started travelling. The pandemic is notably the mostContinue Reading

Curious about the forecast for travel in 2021? It’s better and worse than you think, according to Clayton Reid, CEO of MMGY Global. The following are his predictions for the year ahead, including the rise of “vaxications” – a term MMGY Global has coined to describe the anticipated rush of vacations people willContinue Reading

Down the road from our Asia Pacific headquarters, one of the world’s most connected travel hubs—Singapore Changi Airport—is unusually quiet. It’s been this way for months, with global air passenger numbers falling by almost 90 per cent in 2020. This has been a devastating year for the tourism industry and the $9 trillionContinue Reading

The tourism industry is one of the worst affected economic sectors due to the outbreak of COVID-19. According to the World Tourism Organization, we have to expect around an 80% decline in tourist arrivals during this year around the world, which in turn puts 100-120 million jobs at risk. TourismContinue Reading