In a matter of weeks, the terms shelter in place, self-isolation, and lockdown have become buzzwords, giving definition to many people’s new reality: staying indoors. And while we are not be able to head to the nearest park, virtual walking / jogging routes can provide a mental escape from the norm.Continue Reading

<p class=”headline”>The Covid-19 crisis has not only brought the physical act of traveling to a halt, but it’s also stopped travel brands from distributing marketing dollars in the same ways they did prior to the pandemic. One such channel feeling the effects is influencer marketing, in which many travel brandsContinue Reading

<p class=”headline”>The travel shutdown has exposed the delicate balance of the travel ecosystem, with many suppliers struggling or just declining to offer customers refunds on trips that the companies have been forced to cancel. While large, long-established tour operators such as Collette, Tauck and Globus say they are making goodContinue Reading

<blockquote>New luxury travel initiative by Overseas Leisure Group offers bookings with no deposit required and without the penalty of a cancellation fee. Overseas Leisure Group, a luxury travel operator in 34 countries across the globe, announces its Carefree Bookings initiative, offering a risk-free method of booking across an attractive portfolio of moreContinue Reading

<blockquote>While these social distancing policies may be a temporary hindrance to travel post-COVID-19, it is likely that in the long-term we will see airlines hike ancillary charges to try and recoup some of the revenue lost to the coronavirus crisis COVID-19’s impact on the aviation sector has been vast andContinue Reading

<blockquote>Cameron Boal, VP Operations, TravelNest says “The travel industry is paused right now and there is a big question mark around when we’ll all be able to travel again. This said, we’re confident that when travel is permitted, the travel industry will be able to begin its recovery period. IsolationContinue Reading

&nbsp; The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted all destinations worldwide to introduce restrictions on travel, research by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has found. This represents the most severe restriction on international travel in history and no country has so far lifted restrictions introduced in response to the crisis. Following upContinue Reading

In light of the changing global situation relating to the COVID-19 virus, we have continued to monitor the impact it is having not just on our industry, but on society in general. Many meetings took place with the Dubai World Trade Centre and we reviewed other options to organize anContinue Reading